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Homeowners are always very concerned about their home's value. Is it rising or falling? This is an important question for anyone that owns a home.


To ease your worries a bit, we'll be talking about three different things that actually have no effect on your home's value.


1. Zillow: Zillow's Zestimate is notoriously inaccurate. Even the company has come out and said that their home values are very inaccurate. It's estimated that their values are off by 7% on average, which amounts to thousands and thousands of dollars.


2. Tax assessors: Tax assessors don't determine the value of your home. They're basing their estimates off of old data, and their goal isn't to price your home accurately. They are trying to price your home for tax purposes.

3. You: Unfortunately, what you want your home to sell for and what the true market value is can be very different. Your home probably won't sell for what you want it to, no matter what. Your home's upgrades may be terrific, but they don't play into your home's value.


Your home's value is determined by a number of current market conditions. If you want to find the true value of your home, then please don't hesitate to contact us!