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Who are Fernando and Angel?


The Garcia Team is a small group of Real Estate Specialists united by the simple purpose of providing great service to all of Los Angeles County.

We Offer More so You Can Sell Your Home For More! 


Top 1% of Real Estate Agents Nationwide



Less time

We are successfully selling homes 3x faster than the local average.


More experience

We are selling 26x more homes than the average agent.


more money

Our listings sell for 5% more on average. More money in your pocket at closing!


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“Within a week we had 3 offers  $20,000 over our list price!”

"We trusted our instincts and listed our home with Angel Garcia.  He was very professional and gave us several options for pricing our house.  Once we decided to accept their help, both Fernando and Angel made the deal happen.  Their recommendations helped us improve and list our home for maximum sales potential!  We had 7 offers within 3 days of putting our house on the market!  Within a week we had 3 offers  $20,000 over list price!  We trusted them every step of the way and are so happy we did."

Our listings on average sell for 102% of the ask price. That’s 5% above the market average!

Case Study #1: Daniel B.

The Problem:

Dan needed to sell his home to move out of the country to enjoy his retirement. He needed every dollar he could get and couldn't afford listing with the wrong agent.

The Solution:

  • Cleared out the home and removed the clutter to prepare for sale.
  • Recommended repairs for maximizing sales price.
  • Professional Photography
  • Identified the best price to find aggressive buyers.
  • Executed the Garcia Team Marketing Plan.

The Results


Case Study #2: Tony D.

The Problem:

Retirement was closing in on Tony & his work was cutting his pay. He needed to sell his home quickly and buy another home to reduce his overall cost of living. He knew he needed to hire the best agent in town and looked everywhere for referrals from friends and credible sources.

The Solution:

  • Hired the Garcia Team
  • We went through a listing consultation with Tony.
  • Identified the ideal closing schedule.
  • We identified the ideal buyer for his home and created a targeted marketing program for him.
  • Created a "Coming Soon" campaign.
  • Executed the Garcia Team Marketing Plan.

The Results

Record breaking sale in only 7 days.  $26,000 above the highest sold comparable.

Do you need to sell your home?

Case Study#3: Tami L.


The Problem:

Tami's property was listed with multiple realtors for 3 years with no luck. Her property had become stale and she was fed up with all the false promises of realtors. She needed a guarantee that she could sell her home.

The Solution:

  • Hired the Garcia Team
  • Refreshed the listing and created all new marketing material to make it look as if it was a new home on the market.
  • Putting it in front of all the realtors in the area that had sold similar properties recently.
  • New photography to take photos of new angles to give the illusion of a new listing that wasn't on the market previously.
  • A new much more aggressive marketing approach. (The Garcia Team marketing plan)

The Results

The Garcia Team SOLD her home for $1.5M in 39 days to an all cash buyer!

Do you need to sell your home?

Case Study #4: Sergio S.

The Problem:

Sergio needed to sell his home to move to Utah for a new job opportunity. The problem was that his home was appraised for $495,000 but he owed $513,912.

The Solution:

  • Hired the Garcia Team
  • We created a special strategy for Sergio.
  • We identified the highest return upgrades and repairs for the property.
  • Connected him with the best handymen and contractors to keep costs low.
  • Sergio invested $29,364.
  • Hired professional photographers.
  • Created a "Coming Soon" campaign.
  • Executed the Garcia Team Marketing Plan.

The Results

Property was sold for $610,000. That's $115,000 over the original appraised value!

Do you need to sell your home?

Case Study #5: Jerry G.

The Problem:

Jerry owned a property in North Hills that he needed to sell. The property needed a lot of repairs that he was committed to doing to make sure he can maximize his proceeds. The problem was that he lived in Tennessee!  He had to fly in to town to do some repairs himself and he needed find a good agent that could sell it before his next mortgage payment.


The Solution:

  • Jerry hired The Garcia Team.
  • The Garcia Team recommended the highest return repairs and saved Jerry from making unnecessary upgrades.
  • The Garcia Team was able to get the cost of repairs down to the same amount it would have cost him to do it himself with their list of handymen and contractors.
  • Executed The Garcia Team marketing plan.

The Results


Case Study #6: Laura M.

The Problem:

Laura's father was ill and she needed to sell the home she was living in to help pay for his extended care. She needed someone that could help walk her through the process and guarantee her she could sell quickly and for the most amount of money. She had over 30 years worth of stuff piled up in the home.

The Solution:

  • Hired the Garcia Team.
  • We did a comparative market analysis.
  • Identified a price that would bring in the right buyer for her home.
  • We helped the family sell all the items in the home by  connecting them with an estate sale specialist.
  • We held a large open house to bring in as many buyers at once and begin a bidding war.

The Results

She had 14 offers and sold for $14,650 above her asking price!

Do you need to sell your home?




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