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There’s a new down payment program available for homebuyers that requires 0% down and allows you to buy a decently priced home on a low income. Here’s how.

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Today I have some exciting news to share—there’s a new down payment program available out there one of our lenders happens to offer that features a zero down payment loan. 
In the past, one of the qualifications for these types of programs was that you had to have a very low income. Being that we’re in California, pricing is pretty high, so even if you qualified for one of these low down payment loans, the program wouldn’t allow you to purchase a property anywhere near our average price point. 

"This loan requires no down payment. " 


New programs like the one my lender is offering functions just like a regular FHA loan in that it allows for a maximum purchase of $650,000. It also requires the same qualifications. No down payment is required, of course, but your minimum credit score must be around 620. You also must have two years worth of taxes and show consistent work history. 
If you meet these criteria and want to buy a home or are just interested in getting qualified, give me a call so we can take advantage of this program now. I’m happy to help!