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When making improvements to your home, try these five to add the most value possible.

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If you want to make some improvements, these five will help you maximize the value of your home.


  1. Curb appeal: Focus on the landscaping and the front door, which are the two most important factors of curb appeal. The landscaping should be lush and green and the front door should get a fresh coat of paint. If you're in an upscale neighborhood, you could also get a new iron door.

  2. The kitchen: Focus on the kitchen because that's where all the emotion is in a property. Make sure the kitchen is clean, well-lit, and styled uniformly with the rest of the house.

  3. Bathrooms: Make sure they're clean because if a home's bathrooms aren't clean, the house just doesn't feel good.

  4. Paint: This makes such a big difference because a house with beat up paint just looks and feels older. A fresh coat will go a long way.

  5. Flooring: Older carpet doesn't do as well on the market as tile, wood, and laminate floors. The important part is that the flooring fits the home and its style well.


 "The important part of flooring is that it matches the home's style."


All five of these methods will help you maximize the sale of your home when the time comes. If you have any other questions or you'd like to know more about which upgrades will maximize the value of your specific home, give me a call or send me an email. I'd love to help!