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There are a few important questions you should ask before hiring any agent to help you sell your home.
Let’s go over these questions today.


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Before choosing an agent to represent you during the sale of your home, I highly recommend that you interview a few candidates. By doing so, you will be able to choose the agent who will best suit your needs and who will be able to deliver the best results.

So, as you interview potential agents, there are a few key questions you should ask. The first thing you should ask them about is their track record. Understanding an agent’s experience level will be very important in making your final decision.

To gain a thorough understanding of any agent’s experience, ask them how many sales they’ve had in the past 12, 24, and 36 months. This will show you how active they’ve been in your career. You don’t need to ask an agent if they’re full-time or part-time, because these numbers will show you.

Another good question to ask is how long the agent’s listings typically spend on the market. This will show you how effective the agent is at pricing, marketing, and negotiating. For example, listings my team works with spend an average of three weeks on the market, while the market average is 68 days.


Understanding an agent’s experience level will

be very important in making your final decision.


You should also ask the agent about their list-to-sales price ratio. A list-to-sales price ratio is very important, since it represents the discrepancy between what the agent tends to list properties for versus what their properties tend to sell for.


My team’s average list-to-sales price ratio is 102%, meaning we tend to sell above properties for more than the price they’re listed at. Most agents sell properties for around 97% of what they’re listed for.


Asking what an agent’s success level is will be another good indicator of their skill. How often are their contracts expiring? In today’s market, the average success rate is just 70%. Our team’s average has been 100% success for the past two years straight.


If you have any other questions, would like more information, or would like to interview our team regarding your next home sale, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.